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lip blush

lip blushing

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the color and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness.  It also corrects any asymmetry or darkness, giving your lips a very youthful appearance.

This is done by depositing lip color pigments into lips and along your lip line to improve the overall look.  The color is subtle to give natural-looking results.

Permanent Makeup Artist ---- Lai Nguyen

Certified by world-renowned, Master Kristina Melnicenco, 2023

5Star Academy, TX USA


Lip Blushing procedure takes 2 hours--- during this session, lips are outlined and shaped, then the desired pigment color is applied.  Topical numbing will be applied to minimize pain during procedure.

Healing time is approximately 3-5 days.   

*Currently accepting virgin lips

*Lips with previous Permanent Makeup work must Consult first.

*Lip Blushing can not be done while pregnant, nursing,

or anyone with autoimmune disorders or going through certain Medical treatments.


Lip Blushing

$500  Duration:  2.5 - 3  hours

Perfecting Touch Up 

$150   Duration:  90min

Within 6 months of initial procedure  (for Existing clients only)


Annual Refresh  

$225    Duration:  90min

Within 12 months of initial procedure  (for Existing clients only)


real clients.  real results.

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